Legal & Regulatory

A great deal of ALFI's work is carried out in Technical Committees and Forums. Members of these groups are representatives of ALFI members, contributing their experience on a voluntary basis. Technical Committees have been set up to cover issues relating to a generic area of the fund industry. Within these areas, Sub-Committees focus on specific fields. Technical Committees and their Sub-Committees are appointed for an indefinite period.

What subjects have been debated  throughout 2016-2017 period? Here are the highlights...

Promotion & Conferences

The Promotion & Conferences Committee is focusing on promoting Luxembourg as the domicile of choice and a core servicing center for all types of cross-border distributed investment funds and as an attractive center to locate front office activities for both traditional and alternative investment fund managers by overseeing the delivery of programs for the broad range of ALFI conferences and roadshows abroad. The Promotion & Conferences Committee is chaired by Michael Ferguson (EY). Read more about the activities and achievements of this Committee here.

Alternative Investments

The Alternative Investments Committee monitors the environment in Luxembourg and abroad in respect of real estate funds, private equity & venture capital funds and hedge funds and develops recommendations to improve Luxembourg's attractiveness as a centre to domicile and administer alternative investments structures. The Alternative Investments Committee is chaired by Claude Niedner (Arendt & Medernach S.A.). Get an overview of the Committees main activities and achievements during the period under review here.

Fund Distribution

The Fund Distribution Committee strives to ensure that Luxembourg remains the point of reference for global fund distribution by proposing policy ideas and industry initiatives that will assist ALFI members to increase their market reach and improve the cost efficiency of fund distribution. David Claus (BNY Mellon) has recently been appointed as the chairman of the ALFI Fund Distribution Committee. Read more about the latest developments in the global fund distribution area here.

Professional Training

The Professional Training Committee provides the House of Training with updated training programs and qualified trainers in technical matters relating to the investment fund industry and promotes the training courses and career opportunities offered by the Luxembourg funds industry in Luxembourg and abroad. The Professional Training Committee is chaired by Emmanuel Bégat (ME Business Solutions S. à r. l.)

Read how the demand for training courses has evolved over time and how the course portfolio is adapted to industry trends here.

Legal and Regulatory

The Committee actively follows and deals with international and European legal and regulatory developments concerning the funds industry and contributes to the implementation of European and local legislative and regulatory initiatives. The Legal and Regulatory Committee is chaired by Hermann Beythan (Linklaters) and Gast Juncker (Elvinger Hoss Prussen S.A.). Read more about the activities and achievements of this Committee here.

Market Infrastructure

The Market Infrastructure Committee addresses operational issues which asset managers and service-providers are facing resulting from proposed or new pieces of laws and regulations. The Committee’s primary focus is to seek operational efficiency, automation and overall cost savings by proposing common interpretations, simplifications or market standards. he Market Infrastructure Committee is chaired by Fédéric Pérard (BNP Paribas Securities Services, succursale de Luxembourg) and Geoff Radcliffe (BlackRock Fund Management Company S.A.). Get an overview of the Committees main activities and achievements during the period under review here.

Responsible Investing

Positioning Luxembourg as a prime platform for the creation and domiciliation of responsible investment vehicles including impact finance funds and Microfinance funds is the task of ALFI's Responsible Investing Committee chaired by Christian Hertz (Luxembourg Investment Solutions S.A.) and Corinne Molitor (Innpact S.à r.l.). Read about the recent developments and opportunities in this area here.


The Tax Committee focuses on all fiscal aspects and laws relating to the investment funds industry and takes initiatives at tha national and international level with the aim of contributing to keep the Luxembourg tax environment competitive. The Tax Committee is chaired by Georges Bock (KPMG Luxembourg Société coopérative). Read how the fund industry's fiscal environment has evolved in 2016 here.

Fintech & Digital

The Digital/Fintech Forum primarily focuses on developments and technologies which are believed to have a “disruptive” impact on the asset management industry by potentially causing fundamental changes to existing business models or processes. This Forum is chaired by Steven Libby (PricewaterhouseCoopers Société coopérative) and Serge Weyland (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A.). Read how ALFI's Digital/Fintech experts address priority issues in this area.


The ALFI Fund Governance Forum aims to raise awareness for and help promote best practices in matters of fund governance. The Forum is chaired by Henry Kelly (KellyConsult s.à r.l.). Read more about the activities and achievements of this Forum here.

Investor Forum

The aim of the Forum is to focus primarily on retail investors, their needs and expectations regarding the asset management industry and its products. The Forum will therefore address topics such as investor information, investor education and investor protection in order to increase retail investor confidence in investment funds as their savings product. Read more about ALFI's initiatives in this area.

TA and Distribution Forum

This Forum brings together the Asset Servicing’ side of the fund industry and its participants to share experiences and discuss issues related to fund distribution operations from a Transfer Agency (TA) and Distribution Support services perspective. ALFI's TA & Distribution Forum is chaired by Josée-Lynda Denis (ALFI). Read more about the activities and achievements of this Committee here.